How I lost 60 pounds in 3 months

November 30th, 2013. I went for my first time in recent years to the gym. Simple goal - get rid of extra weight. And I was way overweight - 230 lbs with a height of 5'10". Exactly, 3 months later, my weight was 174 lbs, ie 56 lbs less, and another 20 days and my weight was 167 lbs.

Some days, I was loosing 0.5 pound per day, other days only a small amount, but most of the days I woke up lighter and lighter. With weight decreasing, I got energy increasing. Although, I was eating less, I was moving more, and feeling more energized. But not always. Sometimes, I felt really exhausted, I couldn't work more than 7-8 hrs per day. I couldn't allow myself to skip a lunch, otherwise I became aggravated and felt bad and angry.

One way or another, 1 year after, my weight is 172 lbs and I feel myself best ever.

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