AI as a new atomic bomb: the weapon of future

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an atomic bomb of future. The one who owns it - rules the everything. Companies that work to create AI become a rival to the countries that own everything, including atomic bombs.

While some countries fight to have own atomic bombs (Iran?) and others try to threat others with their own bombs (Russia?), they seem like outdated countries that live in the past. The future is not in atomic bombs, the future is in intelligence that could control them. Intelligence that could create new technologies, new approaches, new weapon and new future is much more important, much more strong than "some" bombs.

You cannot fight someone who is smarter, sees and knows more than you. You cannot win when all your steps already pre-calculated, and you play in someone else game.

However, there are still some large gap between current state of technologies and real AI. It seems we are not able to scale existing technologies enough to produce superhuman intelligence. Not clear if existing algorithms and approaches are able to be scale to that level though.