memory: metrics graphs with gnuplot

So, at my spare time, I work a bit on my pet projects called memory. This is a simple virtual memory written on Java. User can allocate a large space of memory and then use it to allocate and free some blocks of it for personal use.

My main interest was to implement some memory allocation algorithms that could be working in concurrent environment with minimal of locks. I'm still on my way with it however, have some progress.

One of the problems with such projects is the way you can measure performance and quality. And what is more important, how you can assess you changes in these fields. Without a good set of performance tests, you can't know if your changes are for good. But having tests is not enough. You need to have metrics and gather them, and represent them in some charts for better visibility. Visualization matters. And then, when you have a way to look at those charts you can examine your's changes much much easier and better.

So that's what I did. First, wrote a simple metric gathering framework for internal use. Then added
metrics and used CodaHale Metrics to gather metrics data and save into CSV file.

SyncTab is open sourced

As I wrote yesterday on my twitter, SyncTab had been open sourced. About an year ago I started working on the project that would simplify my life. I used a lot my new smartphone to browse internet and read RSS, but the most interesting articles I wanted to read in my browser on laptop. And I can be pretty lazy and its easy for me to forget things, so I wanted to be sure that I won't leave this links without attention. The only way I could think about was just open the link in browser as soon as possible.