You and your's sofware expansibility.

For a long time one of the scores of software I'm writing is expansibility. That's mean how fast, with minimum of changes, I can add new features or extend existed one.
I've made few notes and use them as often as possible. Here are they:
- Never or almost never requirements you are working on are complete. Even if customer told you that this is finish step and we stop work on it - that mean only - we stop the work for now and we may continue it after some time. And of course, that time may vary from few weeks to few month, so you may and you will forget the code. That's why always write comments to the code even if it is not yours!
- If you can extend the code you've write before - do it! If you need to get the list of some entities - use search engine if it exists. If search engine is not enough - extend it and use it. Be DRY principal follower!
- Write your code with one think: I will use it tomorrow too! That's mean that you should write quality code, well commented code and code that make everything you have now and a little bit more. Sure, this "a little bit more" should be result of your experience. If you don't have enough experience - use this too! Why? You'll get need experience much faster!
- Do code review! Often. Why? Because it increases the quality of your code and as result of software. And also you'll find your and yours colleagues weak and that is 50% of new experience. I like Atlassian experience with code reviewing for many tasks they do.

Simple, but important.

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