Presentations and articles about scalable software architecture

Last week was searching for interesting articles and presentations with samples of scalable and failure tolerant architecture. As result, my bookmarks increased with a number of new links to articles and videos.


  1. Scalability Principles
  2. SEDA
  3. Large codebase organization with Spring
  4. Building Scalability and Achieving Performance: A Virtual Panel
  5. Scalability Worst Practices
  6. Shard Lessons
  7. Asynchronous Architectures [4]
  8. Thoughts on Development
  9. Hitting the scalability wall - Amdahl's Law
  10. 10 Lessons in Scalability from MySpace
  11. Twitter as a scalability case study

Videos & presentations:

  1. Randy Shoup on eBay's Architectural Principles
  2. Architecture Evaluation in Practice
  3. Availability & Consistency
  4. Architecting for Latency
  5. The Design and Architecture of InfoQ
  6. Architecture Quality: Operational Manageability
  7. How to scale your web app
  8. Behind the Scenes at
  9. Scaling Twitter

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