Git and Subversion works together

I like the idea to use Subversion central repository with a Git local "stub" repository. With having local Git repository I have access to the all history of some branch or trunk, as I have a local copy of Subversion repository. Local commits and easy branching is a big plush for me too.

Most of us are working with Subversion repositories, as they are wide used and popular nowadays. These tool gives us advantages to work with branches, setup security, transaction commits and many more. While Git proposes easy and low cost branching, decentralized storing and low coupling developers interaction. Yes, I said low coupling, as 2 developers that are working on the same thing in parallel now are able to synchronize code locally, without central repository.

I don't know what is your experience with merging branches using Subversion, but for me it's a hell. With a few different branches, that are ready to be merged into trunk but is not, because "we don't need it in trunk now, but maybe in 2 weeks we will". Sometimes merging takes the same time as new feature development.

Now Git can help us with it, as has new operation git svn.
It's currently working fine on Linux, but you should be ready to get some unpredictable behavior on Windows. Expecting that with 1.6.3 and latest versions git-svn will work much better that with Git-


Viktor Dzundza said...

Хороша стаття. Жаль нічо не розумію.

Ruslan K said...

Не переживай - тут багато синтаксичних і не тільки помилок ;)