SyncTab architecture. Part 0.

A few months ago I was willing to write my own android application. And I also had a need - a way to send easily links from my phone to my browser and vice versa. Well, my phone is under Android, and my favourite browser is Chrome. So I decided to create the app to satisfy my desire to create and release Android app and make my life easier.

And as result of this, I have made a set of applications that forms a SyncTab. Obviously, those applications are Android application, server-side application and Chrome extension.

This post is like a preface, and next few posts will include a short technical description of each application.

Well, the work of application is very simple: android app and chrome extensions are both clients for the server. There is no web interface for application. User can get the list of all sent links and manage them using Android application.

In most functionality, Android app and Chrome extension are similar. But the only way to see the list of sent links is using Android application.

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