SyncTab is open sourced

As I wrote yesterday on my twitter, SyncTab had been open sourced. About an year ago I started working on the project that would simplify my life. I used a lot my new smartphone to browse internet and read RSS, but the most interesting articles I wanted to read in my browser on laptop. And I can be pretty lazy and its easy for me to forget things, so I wanted to be sure that I won't leave this links without attention. The only way I could think about was just open the link in browser as soon as possible.

So I've started working on the project that would help me to send links from android phone to chrome browser. And then I made an improvement to fit my laziness, so the app could help send also links from browser to phone. A bit of refactoring and it helped me to send links from phone to browser, from one browser to another, from phone to table.
And that's how I use it today. I have an Android phone, tablet and 3 different computers where I use chrome. And it's so convenient when I can send an interesting link from one browser to another without any pain.

So why I open source SyncTab? It's still running and working. I still use it actively and it's still available on Google Play and Chrome WebStore. And I don't plan to change anything about this. I'm going to support it in current state as long as possible, well, because I'm one of the SyncTab users. But at this moment, I see that it does everything I need from it, and I don't plan to improve it and add new features. That's it!

So, what is actually open sourced? Everything!

That's it!

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