Google Glasses, AI and shadow copy

Last week I had some roadtrip and was passing a few interesting points. I wanted to add a note to visit that places in the future, but couldn't as was driving a car. And I started dreaming on how it would be awesome if you just could add a note using your voice. But I'm lazy. Would be even better if it could be added to the backlog of places to visit just by making thought command. But I'm too lazy. Thinking about visiting some place is good, but need to make a specific command in my thoughts - go and visit this place later. Not ideal yet. Would be better if there would be some invisible assistant that could do that for me. That would know me as good as I do. Who would know what I might be thinking about, who would understand my desires even when it's not clear enough for me yet. Some AI assistant, that would know that I might be thinking how nice it would be to visit that shop with a fresh seafood, because I love seafood so much.

But how can any AI be smart enough? How could any AI understand me so well? Reading thoughts? Yes, but that is such hard thing now (well, yet possible someday). But if there would be a device that could see what I see, hear what I say and what others say, then it would be able to learn and understand me someday. And then I realized that I just described Google Glasses.

The more I thought about this AI assistant the more I understood that it won't be an assistant anymore. It would be my digital shadow copy. Able to think like me. That knows what I know, because has vision and can hear - more than 90% of information sources the human uses. And there would be a company that would own my mental copy. The company that could ask my copy if I would prefer to buy product A or B, or what am I going to search in nearest future. You know, the company like Google could even already have search results for me ready way before I decide to do a search.

And what about ads? Are you kidding me? There is no ads anymore! No one needs ads. Company knows what I want to buy already. It just shows me what I want and need to buy already.

How good it could be? Well, you don't know but I eat 1 banana every day. But my digital copy would know that for sure. I have only 2 bananas left in my fridge. So, my shadow copy knows that I need to buy another bunch of bananas soon. And it buys it for me. My bananas are delivered in a day. No shortage, no rush, no efforts from me. I don't even need to think or worry about that anymore.

This is something that changes basically everything in our lives. And changes are good.

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