Simple RESTful API on Go (with Gin)

It is very populate to use Go to create microservice applications. And actually there are many benefits when using Go comparing to other technologies: it is easy to start, easy to create, and so cheap to run that on your servers. The last one is one of my favorites. Go application has so small footprint on memory and CPU comparing to Java applications, and the same time runs faster.

In this post, I want to show how to create a simple RESTful web service on Go using awesome Gin library.

First, lets create an main function, that sets up logging, Gin router with registered paths and handlers. Gin provides a simple way to create template-like paths and register a handler for each path.

Now lets create DTOs for our business models, and methods to convert from model to DTO:

Finally, need to create functions to handle requests. Again, super easy with Gin:

And we are done. Well, almost, as those examples don't actual models and functions to work with storage.

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