I've released today an updated version of a SyncTab Android application.

Well, a few words about what is a SyncTab. SyncTab is an application to send an interesting links and browser tabs from Android phone to desktop browser (current only Chrome is supported). To start using SyncTab, user need only to download and install Android application and Chrome extension. User will need to register an account using either Android application or Chrome extension and then he/she can easily send tabs from phone to desktop. There is more information about this in the Getting Started article.

So what's new in the version 0.6? Not much:
  • added an about page to show current user name, website link, link to submit issue or contact
  • get the correct page title and description with regards to the page charset

But I have more plans for version 0.7:
  • share tabs from browser to the phone
  • tag and filter shared tabs

So try SyncTab now, and wait for a new features.

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