I've found today my post on project wiki from Sept 1, 2008 about Structure 101. Structure101 is really a useful piece of software. Here is a post, which was written to introduce this program to other team members.

Structure101 is used to visualize the structure of application in graph of modules/packages/classes or in dependency matrix presentation. It is also hepls to build the architecture diagram with violations check support, find the tangles, fat packages, classes and methos in code-base.
Structure101 also provides web application that helps to find the information about current status of codebase, watch for changes in code-base, code complexity and dependencies. The web application shows information in informative tables and charts, helps to watch the changes from previouses versions etc.
Structure101 provides the plugins for IDE (Eclipse and IntellijIdea. Plugins can synchronize with public repository (it can be configured to use web application to get data from repository), so any updates to repository are available to developers and developers are always updated with the last architecture desicions.
Plugin can check for architecture violations while IDE builds the project and show the messages as warnings or errors (depends on configuration).

Using Structure101 were created few diagrams (Dao and Services, Functional Presentation, Layers Diagram, Current architecture diagram] that helps to see the architecture almost-complete-view.
In picture you may see the screenshot of Structure101 with architecture Layers Diagram:

Layered Diagram Structure101

IntellijIdea and Structure101
Developer's IDE (IntellijIdea) with installed Structure101 plugin can help to prevent not permitted dependencies within code:

Violatins of Layered Diagram IDEA

Structure101 web application
Structure101 has also web application that can be used to view the project code-base status using WEB. Web application gives to the architect and project manager complete information about dependencies, changes after previous version, tangles, XS etc.

- Structure101 is payable. See more
+ Structure101 web application as plugins for Eclipse and IntellijIdea are free of charge.

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